11 Top tips for attending your venue viewing

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Your venue is one of the most important aspects of your Wedding planning, and probably the first point of call! It has to be right for you and for the guests you have attending. Making sure you get the most out of your venue viewing and thinking about the logistics and how the venue will work for you will avoid disappointment once you have booked your venue and these issues then come to light. We have 11 tips for you to put into practice during your venue viewings to make sure you have covered all bases, the end result being choosing the perfect venue!

1. Go together

For your first viewing, go as a couple. If only one of your attends the viewing and falls in love with it, you will want the other person to be there with you to feel this too. It may be tempting to take friends or family along with you too but we advise for the first viewing to go it alone and take people with you if you are undecided or once you have made a decision. Too many opinions can confuse you and make the decision more difficult!

2. Set up of venue

Check when booking your viewing what the set up of the venue will be, maybe they have a showcase coming up to show you how the venue will potentially look on the day. If you are looking at a venue such as a working barn on a farm or a piece of land or lawn for a marquee, be ready to use your imagination, it may be that you are looking at a barn which is currently storing farm equipment or a country manor house which is lived in!

3. Time of day/time of year

Be aware of the time of day/time of year you are viewing the venue to when you are actually getting married, venues and outside areas can look very different depending on these factors. Ask for images from weddings at a similar time to your day. If you love the look of a flowerbed for your photos, ask if these flowers are in bloom during your month.

4. Ask marquee company etc to be there

If you are viewing a piece of land or a lawn for a tipi/marquee wedding, ask if their recommended structure company can be there too to talk through the options and logistics. Ask if the venue has a recommended styling company or florist who can come along and talk you through the kind of styling you can have, especially if you are looking at a venue which you know will need a large amount of draping or décor.

5. List of questions

It is easy to be wowed by beautiful viewings with stunning architecture, getting you really excited for your day and completely forgetting about the logistics, how the venue will work for you and important questions you have. Make sure you jot down a list of questions before attending and go through the list with the venue manager during the viewing. Just because a venue is beautiful, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the one for you! Keep your eyes peeled for our bonus blog coming soon with a list of must asked questions!

6. Ask to see any accommodation available

Get a feel for where your guests will be or can be staying and also the room for the night of your Wedding. If there is no accommodation onsite, ask is there a space for you to get ready and check if there will be enough room for you and your bridal party, plus photographer etc.

7. Finance

Talk deposits and payment terms, every venue works differently.

8. Location

Is there car parking available? Good transport links? When you are driving to your venue, think about how this will work for your guests and how easily accessible the venue is, especially for guests travelling afar. Also think about how far you are from your ceremony venue if this is in a different location. Drive the distance between them.

9. Walk through the day

Botley's Mansion - Jennifer West Photography

From getting out of your car, to the ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast, evening reception – walk it through, just as your guests will on the day. Is there any thing you notice? For example, maybe you have a guest in a wheelchair or an elderly relative and there are stairs.

10. Arrange to view again at a different time of day

Northbrook Park - Lauren Mitchell Photography

Get a feel for the venue in the daytime and the evening.

11. Sleep on it

Never sign a contract there and then, go away, talk it through sleep on it, and if you are still as super excited and in love with the venue the next day, then go for it! If you still find yourself trawling google for a venue, maybe it’s best to put it on the backburner for now.

Struggling to find your perfect venue? Get in touch here, we offer venue searching services! We can even attend viewings with you to cover the logistics questions!