15 stunning tall centrepieces for your Wedding day!

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Looking for the perfect centrepieces? Many couples worry about tall centrepieces as they can block guests from seeing each other, but as long as they are at a good height, tall arrangements can work wonders to your décor, really bringing a luxe feel to the room! We have plenty of tall arrangement inspiration for you today to choose from!

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Candles in Cylinder Vases

Candlelight is stunning and adds so much to the ambience of your venue, especially in Autumn and Winter and in the evening.

If you are looking for something similar, opt for cylinder glass vases with either taper or pillar candles. You could even add foliage or flowers around the base.

Image: Colin Miller Photographer

No Candle Cylinders

Like the cylinder style vases but don't want the candles? Potentially your venue doesn't allow a naked flame? Flowers work just as well!

Image: Fairytale Photography

The Beauty and the Beast Candelabra

Add a touch of class to your day with these French style centre pieces, complete with floral décor at the base. You could even entwine foliage around the candelabra.

Image: Boutique Souk

The Classic Candelabra with Wraparound Foliage

Bring candlelight and florals together with this modern twist on a classic

Image: Bob and Dawn Davis

Taper Candle Candelabras

Another classic candelabra but with use of taper candles which come in a range of heights and colours to match your palette. Leave as they are or drape flowers through the middle.

Image: Carley K Photographer

Glass Candelabras

A touch of contemporary to the classy candelabra, again, leave as they are or drape with gorgeous floral arrangements.

Image: Captured by Jen

Candle Stands

Love the thought of candles but not candelabras or the cylinder style vases? Go all out instead with candle tower stands!

Image: Diane Khoury


So on trend for 2021: the Whimsical tree takes centre stage! The blossom tree is especially popular in either white or blush pink, such as a Cherry blossom tree. These really bring a feel for the outdoors in, and if this is your aim, then trees could be your answer, whether blossom or wisteria!

Image: Belluxe Photography


Maybe trees are a little too much for you but you like the idea of the tree, whimsical look? Opt for tree branches in a cylinder vase, complete with floral décor or hanging orbs.

Image: Brian Dorsey

Tight floral arrangement on plinth or stand

Looking for something classy, romantic and elegant? These classic floral displays are still popular. Keep to minimal foliage and the flowers tight for a classic look.

Image: Samuel Lippke Studios

Loose floral arrangement on plinth or stand

Love the idea of the above but want a more rustic or whimsical feel? Opt for heavier foliage, looser flowers and hanging foliage.

Image: Rafal Ostrowski