4 Top Lockdown Proposals!

Updated: May 22, 2020

Last month, we posted here about a few couples who we had the pleasure of speaking to as they had recently become engaged whilst in lockdown! We enjoyed writing about these couples so much and felt it really spread some joy during these uncertain times, plus more and more couples are getting engaged in quarantine, that we thought we would carry on bringing you more stories!

With life still being fairly up in the air, and even though we have the pleasure of now being able to meet with one friend or family member, or go for an unlimited walk, life is still pretty strange for many of us, still not being able to get back to work, still not being able to celebrate amazing Weddings and still not being able to get our hair cut (!) but even with these restrictions, these partners managed to pull out all the stops and propose to their beloved!

Leila and Sasha

Sasha had originally planned a proposal which he then had to change due to quarantine rules, so instead of postponing, he just made it all still possible during lockdown!

"I came home and everything was normal in the living room so I called out to him and then I received a text message that said: bedroom. So I hung up my coat and went to get him as it was already past 9pm and we hadn't eaten dinner yet. The hallway was dark but he had lit the floor with green/blue led strips and had made a little corridor out of sea shells and dried starfish (I'm keeping those to fill a vase with!) and they led to the bedroom."

Okaaaay…so where is this going?!

"He had decorated our bedroom and was playing Kiss the girl from the little mermaid. Now I am a huuuuuuuuuuge Disney fan and he wanted to recreate the boat scene from The Little Mermaid. He had made a boat (yes, he made a boat and it was a very good boat) out of cardboard boxes and he was sitting in his boat in the middle of the bed. He had bought a disney prince costume (an actual Prince Charming disney prince costume with the tassels on the shoulder and everything) And there we were :) he invited me in the boat and the rest is history."

How did you react to this recreation of your favourite Disney theme?!

"I laughed very hard when I saw him in his boat and kinda killed the mood"

"And though you didn't see it when he was sitting down, his Prince Charming costume was one size too small. Our ceiling now has holes in it because he nailed the curtains to the ceiling instead of using tape. We both barely fit into the boat and we destroyed it while hugging. I had to listen to kiss the girl for about 20 times because it was on repeat. He was soooooo nervous that he kinda just threw the ring at me. I had to scramble for it in the boat! "

But I love those things. I love the effort he put into it. I will, until the day I die remember how hard I laughed when I first saw him in his boat!

Sasha and Leila are looking to have a 2022 Wedding in either April or September.

"We are seriously considering getting married in 2022 because we want to make absolutely sure that our family and friends can all be there. My grandparents mean the world to me and it would just kill me if they wouldn't be able to attend because of the virus."

Vicki and Alex - Cheshire

So many of us are taking advantage of our lockdown walks and being able to get out in the fresh air, with our current unlimited allowance! Vicki and Alex decided on a normal lockdown walk, on a normal quarantine day, but little did Vicki know that this definitely wasn’t your average country walk…

"My boyfriend Alex proposed, we’re new to the area we live in and he told me he had found a lovely walk and did I want to go with him for a lockdown walk. Shortly after we started the walk, he started asking questions about my feelings and our relationship and I was thinking to myself ‘god he’s being weird today’. We carried on walking then I realised he had started walking really slow so I turned around and Alex was down on one knee with the ring and then he asked me to marry him"

Were you expecting a quarantine proposal?! "It definitely wasn’t expected. I’m rarely speechless but I truly was speechless in this case."

We haven’t set a date as yet due to lockdown. We firmly have our hearts set on celebrating the engagement once we are all out of lockdown!

Rhiannon and Daniel

Daniel had been planning his proposal to Rhiannon for a while.

“However, with Covid-19 starting in March and getting worse. All of Daniel’s plans kept having to change. He had this whole trip to take me to the Downton Abbey exhibit and a carriage ride planned where then we’d go to a cabin and some of our best friends were going to be there waiting. And that all got cancelled...."

Take 2...

"Then he had planned a party at my parents house where all my family would be there to surprise and celebrate. And then you couldn’t have a gathering more than 10."

Daniel was putting so many plans in place and Covid-19 just kept interrupting! But he didn’t stop and think, I will wait, he kept on going!

“So, plan C or D he reached out to his friends with a treehouse cabin in the middle of nowhere. Daniel told me we had to go somewhere & wanted to make sure I had extra clothes and a bathing suit. I’m thinking we can’t go anywhere because everything is closed. And it’s still not hot enough to go swimming. But I’m like maybe we’re going to the lake or something... I’m trying not to ask too many questions."

"The location was a beautiful treehouse cabin on a ridge overlooking the best views!! My fiancé Daniel had it all planned out. There were rose pedals up the spiral ramp that led to the corner of the balcony and shaped into a big heart. We walked around and he had me stand in the heart. Then he pulled out his journal and read to me what he had written out from his heart about us. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife."

How was the proposal?!

"It was funny and awkward. He got tongue-tied and messed up what he was asking me. So we laughed. I went to get the the ring. And then I was like you’re supposed to put it on me! but it was still our moment. The owners came over and took photos for us and had Prosecco and red wine. And s’mores for us. They had an awesome little firepit & heated the hot tub. We just got to sit back and relax and enjoy the night together."

It was the best and most perfect setup

"And we weren’t able to celebrate with any friends or family so we did a lot of FaceTime and a few zoom calls, but now the planning has begun!"

Rhiannon and Daniel are looking at having a short engagement and are looking to get married Sunday, September 27th.

"Hoping to secure my venue this week and officially ask all my bridesmaids to be apart. I’m sad I won’t get to see each of them. But I’ve made gift baskets and will either drop them off at their driveways or I will mail them to them. But we are making the best of it!"

Amy and Dennis

Amy and Dennis have a mutual love for lizards; Dennis decided for his proposal, he would get their pride and joy (their pet lizards) involved!

"It happened in our living room. We have a utility shelf in the room with 3 lizard tanks. A green angle, a leopard gecko and a bearded dragon. We spent the morning at Costco and when we got back I'd taken a nap. When I woke up and came out to check on our lizard kids I'd noticed a folded up note in the leopard gecko tank with the ring box. We'd been discussing getting married for a while so I had an idea of it happening, I just didn't know when. When I saw the box I knew what was happening immediately."

"The note in the tank had read "Cookie (our leopard gecko) wants to know if you'll marry Daddy?" When I looked over at Dennis he had gotten down on one knee with the box and smiled at me."

Of course I said yes immediately!

What a lovely, personal proposal to happen during lockdown!

"We don't have a specific date set yet, but we're aiming for late October of 2021 if we can."

Thank you to all of these amazing couples who spoke to us about their beautiful proposal stories! These stories will go down in history of the truly positive stories of lockdown!

Have you recently got engaged and want to share your story?! Contact us here!