6 animals or pets you can invite to your wedding!

They say ‘dogs are a man’s best friend’ and so many of us dote on our beloved pets as they are part of our families. Me, I am a massive cat lover, my cat has almost become the business ‘mascot’! When is comes to the wedding day, these are the kind of guests you may well want to be there on the day! It could also just be that you are a massive animal’s lovers and want to bring your love of nature to your Wedding. Today we are bringing to you six animals and how you can include them in your day!


Probably one of the most popular that we regularly see at Weddings, people just love to have their beloved pet with them on their big day! Dogs are great at Weddings, as they are generally easy to manage, just make sure you have a family member who is willing to look after him or her, and will be able to leave prior to the sit-down meal to take them home.

Couples generally will have their dog present for the ceremony and post ceremony photos, even walking down the aisle with the rings stored on their collar as a ring bearer! Make sure you have checked with your venue that they are dog friendly, and also that you dog is happy to be around large numbers of people and like a lot of fuss! Ensure whoever is dog carer has plenty of poop bags and has access to water!


Do you have a horse or just like the idea of having horses at your Wedding? You can hire horses locally to come to your Wedding with their owner or carer to add a farmyard touch to your day and also for the children to be able to feed them etc, always a hit! If this is what you would like to do, we would recommend having them between the ceremony and sit down meal.


Samantha Kay Photography

As above with horses, you can hire alpacas and llamas as a VIP guest, people love to get selfies with them and it just brings something very different to your day, something that people haven’t seen before! Make sure there are shaded areas available for them and water, although the farm who are bringing them will make you aware of what they need for their arrival. You will also need a hand washing/hand sanitising station available for guests after touching.

Petting Farm:

Love a farm? Feeding lambs with a bottle of milk or seed to the chickens? You can hire a petting zoo to attend your big day! Another massive hit for children and also for the adults too! This works really well if you have a field style wedding with street food and no sit-down meal so people can mingle around and visit the petting zoo when they wish. Timings wise, I would have any food serving to start once the petting zoo is finished or having the food in a separate area, animals and food don’t always go well together!


Not the most sociable of pets! As I mentioned at the start, this is no offence to cats as I LOVE them and they are without a doubt my favourite animal and I would 100% want to include my cat, but realistically, they aren’t going to be the kind of animal you can have walking down the aisle of mingling with guests, so if you want to get them involved in your day and are getting ready at home, ask your photographer to get some images of you together. It may be best to get these in your ‘Bride-to-be’ or ‘Groom-to-be’ pyjamas, so to avoid claws or hair! If you want to get a dress/suit picture with your feline, make sure you have a lint roller at the ready and hold them in positions they are comfortable in to avoid the claws coming out! If your cat gets scared with people around, pop off to a room with just you, your cat and your photographer!


Having an owl at your wedding as a ring bearer is quite a classic and has been around for a long time! Professionally trained owls can be a brilliant addition to your ceremony and post ceremony. There are many companies out there offering these services, plus a show for your guests post ceremony, pictures with the couple and their guests. If you would like a recommended professional owl ring bearer, get in touch, we offer supplier recommendations completely free of charge to find you the best people for your big day!

We would love to see your photos if you decide to have animals or pets on your special day so please send them across to us at: info@completeroseevents.co.uk! If you like the ideas above, why not share our blog with your partner and your bridal party to get their thoughts?! Click share below!