6 Elopement Tips You Need To Learn Now

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

2020 has been a year of surprises, many of you being affected in regards to your Wedding day, and some actually realising that life is too short, you never know what is round the corner, and deciding to take the leap of faith and get hitched as soon as possible!

Elopements have grown in popularity, so today we are here with 5 top tips when deciding to elope

We have even created a guide of 5 top venues you can elope to and be legally married, which you can get here!

1. Location: Quite frankly, you haven’t got to worry about it being accessible for guests! Normally you would be thinking about where guests are travelling from, where they will be able to stay, but this isn’t the case with an elopement. Many people choose somewhere in the countryside where you can not only elope, but also hibernate for a couple of days! It could be the place you got engaged, a location you have enjoyed a memorable weekend together or just somewhere you have always fancied going! Our guide available here will help you to decide a location!

2. Make a Weekend of It: Get married on the first or second day, then give yourselves a few days after the ceremony, almost as a mini-moon! Pick somewhere you can do something you enjoy, whether it’s water sports, fine dining, afternoon teas in a park, wine tasting, horse riding, camping, wow the list is endless! This means you can make a FULL weekend of it! I mean, maybe you quite literally want to hibernate with wine, food and a film marathon, but regardless, choose somewhere you can do what you love to do together as couple!

3. Accommodation: Look for a venue or somewhere to get married with accommodation nearby included so you can reminisce for the weekend together without having to rush home. Eloping doesn’t always necessarily mean a small country lodge in the middle of nowhere, you can still go all out luxurious with a iconic hotel in a city centre – whatever works for you as a couple! Maybe hiring a campervan and going to a couple of different locations to climb mountains is more your thing!

4. Plan Your Day: Have a plan for the rest of the day once you are married, a beautiful three course meal? A river boat with wine? Just make sure you have something booked and planned so you don’t feel like the day is over as soon as you have said ‘I Do’, this then gives you something to look forward to!

5. Friends and Family: Decide whether to tell your friends and family, whether it’s before or after the elopement, are you going to do a big reveal? Take emotions into account, will your family be upset about not being there or will they be thrilled to bits that you are married? Don’t let this affect your decision to actually elope but take these feelings into consideration when planning the reveal.

6. Video: If you are going to do a big reveal as per above, get the ceremony videoed so you can watch it back with loved ones! You could even plan a Wedding evening, get dressed up, drinks, snacks and Wedding video! A mini party! If restrictions are still in play, you could even do this on Zoom and all stream the video!

Need help planning and booking you perfect elopement? Please get in touch here, we are now offering our full planning services for elopements and intimate Weddings.