6 Updated Ideas to Celebrate Your ‘Would Have Been’ Wedding Day, postponed due to Covid-19

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

We wanted to update our previous popular blog, Don't let Coronavirus stop you! 5 Tips to Celebrate Your ‘Would Have Been’ Wedding Day which is available here and was applicable during lockdown or for people still sheltering. With lockdown restrictions now lifting, this gives us more opportunity to celebrate on the day you should have been getting hitched. If it should have been your Wedding day over the next couple of months, we don’t want you to be sitting at home thinking ‘I would have been putting my dress on now’, ‘I would have been walking down the aisle now’, ‘we would have been officially married now’ so we have some top tips to turn your ‘would have been’ Wedding day into a day to remember!

Although there is some flexibility now for you to be able to get married, we completely understand that the restrictions still in place may just not be for you. We also understand that the restrictions can be really confusing, and we would love to be able to chat through these with you to give you some clarity in a complimentary wedding consultation with myself which you can book here.

So onto our 6 ideas and tips for you to celebrate…

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Eat at your favourite restaurant: With restaurants now beginning to open back up, get dressed up and celebrate your day with your favourite food together. Let the restaurant know that it is a special day for you, they may treat you to some extra special service! Maybe a restaurant was where you got engaged, or maybe you ate out prior to or post proposal – go back and visit for an even more special trip. The rules on eating out are indoors, people from two households, outdoors, a maximum of six guests, regardless of households (you could be from six different households) so you could even invite another household to join you indoors or an extra four guests when seated externally. Many restaurants are even offered external pods for you to sit incase of bad weather.

Have an engagement photo shoot: Hire a photographer and visit your wedding venue, the place you got engaged or one of your favourite locations to spend time together and have a photoshoot to celebrate your love together. You may have had an engagement shoot if you got engaged pre-Covid but it will be an even more special shoot if shot on your should have been wedding day. You could even make it more formal and wear suits/dresses to look as if you are actually getting married.

Have an at home intimate garden gathering:

The current guidance advises a group of six guests in the garden at any one time, with over thirty people meeting together on private land being illegal. Why not invite your friends or family over for a socially distanced BBQ, afternoon tea or garden party, and celebrate your day with others!


Have a weekend away: hotels are now beginning to open up, maybe your wedding venue has accommodation which you could book or you could visit one of your favourite towns or cities together and make it a weekend of it. Campsites are also now open if you enjoy the thrill of the outdoors, and you can even drive abroad, maybe across to France, Belgium or Spain for the weekend, as you no longer need to isolate when arriving home – have a pre wedding honeymoon on your would have been wedding day! Airlines are even starting to take bookings for flights if you feel comfortable with this, but if not, there are places within driving distance, even in or out of the UK.

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Wedding planning day: Book in your food tasting with your caterer, an appointment to try on your dress and suit, book a cake tasting with your cake maker, and spend the evening planning by booking a planning session with a wedding planner. You can get in contact here, we can even arrange for you to have drinks and food with your planning session. Not only are you then spending the day together or with loved ones, you are also focusing on the positive which is that you will still be getting married, there is just a delay in your forever!

Still get married: You can now legally have a wedding service for 30 guests, with a meal after this, why not go head with your day at your venue (if they have decided to reopen) then hold your celebrations next year, either with a celebrant for the service or just have one big party! The time you have until your postponed date could even give you a chance to save extra funds to go bigger than you originally planned!

This list of ideas compared to our previous blog just shows how far we have come with the lifting of restrictions, but with wedding guidelines still being strict and many of you not being able to have the day you would like or need to have due to religious or tradition reasons, we understand that so many of you will still need to postpone. If you need any advice or are struggling to decide whether to postpone your day or not, please get in contact here for help while we are offering free advice for people affected by Covid-19.