7 Colour Schemes for a Dreamy Winter Wedding

Updated: May 7, 2020


You will often hear us say that one of our favourite seasons for a wedding is during winter. The deep colours, fur shrugs, crisp, icy mornings and candlelit Wedding breakfasts really make it one of our favourite seasons for a celebration. You can even add a Halloween, bonfire night, thanksgiving or Christmas themed to your day.

With the weather being so unpredictable in the UK anyway, with a winter wedding, I find couples tend to just accept it if the weather isn't great on the actual day, and generally have a plan in place for when this does happened, whereas summer couples seem to overlook this with a vision of full sun for their day. One of the positives of a winter wedding!

In today's blog, we are going to be showing you 7 top Wedding colour schemes which are oh so popular for a dreamy Winter Wedding!

1. Red

Avery Lynn Photography

Such a classic Winter colour, whether you opt for a deep red, or a bright holly which will look fantastic around Christmas time, with holly decor, classic red English roses and poinsettias around the room. You can add in touches of nude, sage green, white or cream to really add a glamorous feel to your decor. We are thinking plenty of foliage and deep green and red flowers and berries.

Avery Lynn Photography
Classic Red Wedding by Avery Lynn Photography

2. Green

Show Me Your Dress

One of our favourites, green boasts luxury, elegance and is classic and calming. There are so many variations of green to choose from, or you can even add a hint a few shades! Deep green or emerald match a winter wedding just perfectly in a historic house or castle venue with an open log fire, candelabras on the centres of the tables and tapestries hanging on the way - a real feel of royal banquet with your friends a family.

You can also see from our other colour schemes that green can play a part in most colour palettes by adding a variety of foliage to your decor.

For a green colour scheme, there are so many options for your floral arrangements are bouquets - the more foliage, the better is definitely the case!

Keep it simple to ensure an elegant palette - a mix of green shades with white or ivory

Top images: Moss Hound Designs, Bottom: Elizabeth Lloyd Photography

3. Plum/Deep Purple

Haley Ozier

Another classic, and as you can tell, we really think the deep colours will suit a winter wedding! You could also opt for a lighter shade of purple, lavender would work well and adds hints of a deeper purple. If you decide on lavender as the main shade, you can even have sprigs of lavender in your bouquets and table decor to add a gorgeous smell to your day along with a rustic look.

We love this wedding where various shades of purple are used in the bridesmaids dresses.

Shades of purple and plum work perfectly with cream touches, such as these cream rose buttonholes.

4. Burnt Orange

Teneil Kable

Perfect for an October/November wedding with a Halloween or Bonfire Night theme! Add hints of a deeper, 'rust' orange or even shades of deep red, along with white or a nude palette. There are so many elements of your day that you can add to bring an autumnal wedding theme which you can find in one of our other blogs!


There images show how you can really incorporate the deep orange colours for a perfect Winter theme.

Kim Hawkins Photography

5. Black


You may think that a black wedding would come across as alternative or gothic, but a black wedding adds class and sophistication. It's also such a great colour to work with as it matches white perfectly and you don't have to worry about making sure all of your colours match! Add hints of grey or green - stick with one of the other. In regards to green, this will be from the deep greens in your foliage for your bouquets and floral arrangements.

All images in black colour palette: Natalie J Weddings: www.nataliejweddings.com

6. Navy Blue

We think it is pretty safe to say that we have shown that the deeper colours can all really bring a true feel of class and a contemporary feel to your wedding, but this palette just really steps it up a notch, enter the colour which is at the top of the list for ultimate class...navy blue.

There's no need to pair this colour with any other shades, other than the green from your foliage, and white. We are thinking clean, white dress, crisp white linen with navy blue features and a hint of green foliage.

7. Nude

You love the idea of a winter wedding but not keen of having a dark colour palette? Why not consider a nude colour palette which would especially look perfect for a January wedding as apposed to a white and crystal blue theme.

The stone colours work well for a rustic feel day and looks clean when mixed with white. This is also another great example of mixing shades within your wedding party dresses.

Join us next week when we will be compared the pros and cons of having a winter or summer wedding.

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