7 things to think about when planning a summer wedding

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Summer is the most popular time in the UK to get married, and although the weather is pretty unpredictable and we frequently remind you to plan for bad weather, you do still need to prepare for sunshine too!

Sun is great and it means you can have the outdoor Wedding you have dreamed of, but you also want to be comfortable, so we have 7 things for you to consider during your planning.

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If you are thinking of having chocolate favours, gifts for your bridal party or a sweet confectionery table, you need to take the heat into consideration if you are having a venue which doesn’t have an air conditioning system or is a structure which is likely to get warm, ie. marquee, an orangery, tipi.

We would advise to avoid using anything which can melt and needs to be set out early in the day, such as favours. For something such as a chocolate buffet or sweet table, we would advise to have this set up early evening if possible to avoid your sweets being ruined by the heat.

Wedding Cake

Make sure you are aware what time your Wedding cake will be delivered and whether the cake maker needs to set the cake up, or if this can be stored in a cool area. Can it be set up just before your guests arrive by your Wedding planner? Can the cake maker arrive later in the day to set up?

You may also want to rethink having another chocolate or sugar fondant flowers or décor on your cake.

Floral Arrangements and Bouquets

For your flowers for the bridal party, make sure you have somewhere cool for the bouquets to be stored, and for décor, speak with your florist to ensure they set up later in the day to avoid wilting, or avoid floral arrangements altogether.

Speak to your florist to request a potential second visit if a refresh of flowers is required mid-afternoon to remove any wilted flowers and top up water to keep the flowers fresh.


Think about the material and colours you are using for your outfits; so nobody is uncomfortable! Speak with your dress maker about how you can make your dress suited to the weather, for instance, should you keep your shoulders covered if they are prone to burning? Will suncream stain the particular fabric? Silk bridesmaid’s dresses became very popular in 2019, but people soon realised that these were not heat resistant and were very warm for the bridal party!

Air Conditioning

If your venue doesn’t have an air conditioning system, look into hiring units and have these on from early in the morning to keep the space cool. Also look at hiring fans around the space to keep the air flowing.

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Time of Ceremony

Think about the time of your ceremony, many couples opt for 12pm, 1pm which can be the hottest point of the day, so you may want to consider a late morning or afternoon ceremony. Check where the sun will be in relation to where you are getting married, so the sun isn’t beaming down on you or in your eyes. Point your ceremony away from the sun, whether your ceremony is indoors or outdoors. You also don’t want the sun affecting your photos! Try and view your venue within the same month you are getting married and at the time of your ceremony if possible before booking, or just ask.

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Many couples are quick to order fairy lights for the outside areas, but take into consideration that these can attract bugs and mossies and these are not the guests you want partying with you! This doesn’t mean you can’t have the lights to create a low lit ambience, but think about also using citronella candles and supplying guests with insect repellent.

If you suffer from hayfever, make sure you keep in a routine of taking an antihistamine daily on the lead up to your day and on the day, nobody wants puffy eyes and a watery nose! Think about also using essential oils and local honey – whatever works best for you!

There are many to things to think about when it comes to planning a summer wedding, especially if you are starting from scratch with a field style wedding. Feeling overwhelmed with all the little things you need to think about? Get in touch, we are here to help! www.completeroseevents.co.uk/contact