7 Top tips to get the most out of attending a Wedding Exhibition/Fayre

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Wedding fayres and exhibitions are a great place to kick start your wedding, to get some Wedding planning motivation and excitement and to find the perfect suppliers for your Wedding day! If you are attending a fayre or exhibition soon, here are some top tips for you on how to get the most out of the experience! Don't like the idea of attending this style of event but need help finding your suppliers? Get in touch here and we can help you!

1. Take people with you but not too many!

It is great to get other’s opinions but at the same time, you don’t want too many opinions as this could confuse you! I would always suggest going to your first exhibition just the two of you to start to get some ideas.

2. Attend exhibitions/fayres hosted by your venue!

It’s a great idea to attend fayres and exhibitions hosted by the wedding venue you have booked or looking to book as it gives you an opportunity to meet with suppliers who the venue recommend and to see the space set up, as many venues will set up a mock wedding to give you an idea of how the space will look. Just be aware that your venue co-ordinator may not be able to spend time with you answering any questions you have as they will be focusing on showing new couples the venue and managing suppliers.

3. Don’t agree to anything there and then!

It can be really tempting to pay a deposit for the suppliers special discounts they are offering if you book then and there, but give yourselves some time to mull it over. You don’t want to feel pressured to buy there and then, ask if they will hold the offer for 24 hours to give you some time to speak about it. If you do want to get booked there and then, take some time out together, grab a coffee, then go back to their stand.

4. Meet suppliers you're already speaking with!

Utilise fayres to meet suppliers you may have already been communicating with so you can get to know them and their personalities. Let them know you are coming in advance, just be aware they may not be able to spend too much time with you but it just gives you a chance to see them in person if they haven’t offered a face to face consultation.

5. Speak to everyone!

Even if it is something you haven’t thought of having, speak with them as it may be something you haven’t thought of but you actually need or would work well for your day.

6. Still speak with suppliers you may have already booked!

for instance if you have a photographer, don’t ignore all photographers, be upfront and say you have a photographer booked but they may have some great ideas for you on their stand!

7. Keep a note of the suppliers you really liked!

Pick up business cards and mark them as very interested, once you get home it will be difficult to remember business names and you don’t want to miss out on somebody you really liked!

Bonus tip for Covid 2020 fayres: Take a mask with you and make sure to social distance! Check if you need to pre-book and how many people can attend with you.

We hope these tips help you to get the most out of your trip and that you enjoy the exhibition or fayre! If you need any further inspiration, follow our instagram page here.