8 tips to have an unplugged (no social media/technology) Wedding

It’s the 21st century and majority of the population will at least own a mobile phone, which will be attending your Wedding day with them. In this day and age, it is difficult to get away from technology, most places we go, you can spot people scrolling through social media, having a Zoom conversation or sending off a ‘quick’ work email. You can’t even tuck into your food or your beverage without one of your friends saying, “wait, we need to get a boomerang first!” If you are thinking that you want your guests to switch off for the day, not worry about how many likes their pre-wedding selfie has got and take their minds way from work, then you may have thought about an unplugged wedding. Guests aren’t always sure of the etiquette, it may be that you DO NOT want an image of you in your wedding dress on social media until you post one – that is completely understandable. You want your guests to be able to be fully present in the day and enjoying all moments; maybe you feel that technology will stop people enjoying themselves to the maximum?! We have 8 tips for you on how you can host an unplugged Wedding day.

Decide what you want people to do/not do: Take the time to have a conversation together about what you would like. What would you like to avoid at your wedding? Is it people having their phones out, taking photos while you are walking down the aisle or throughout the ceremony? Would you like people to not use their phones at all during the whole Wedding day? It could be that you would like parents to avoid their children using ipads for instance, or people watching a sports game being shown that day. Remember that some of your favourite photos could even come from someone’s phone, so it could be that you encourage photos only. Whatever you wish to happen, it is your day and guests will need to respect your wishes.

Image: Carlo Acetre, Sign: Handcrafted Wood Signs PH

Advise people on your invitations: Add a note within your invitations to your guests stating that you would like an unplugged ceremony or a completely technology free day. Make sure you stipulate exactly what you would like people to not do, you could even incorporate this into a poem style. If you have a Wedding website (always a great idea!) add this information for all of your guests to see.

Choose a more rural venue: Check when you view your venue what the signal/wifi situation is, you may find that venues in a more rural location won’t have the best phone reception which could be great for you if you are trying to avoid people picking up their phones and scrolling through Instagram without being fully present.

Ask your venue to turn off wifi: If your venue does have wi-fi available, ask if it is possible to turn it off to guests. Yes, many guests will have 3G/4G etc available to them but this will avoid use of ipads for children and anybody not willing to use their data to watch a quick YouTube video under the table!

Have signs up on the day: You can find so many personalised, quirky signage now which is in keeping with your Wedding theme to remind guests that you have decided on an unplugged Wedding or ceremony. Display these at the entrance to your ceremony or venue.

Image: Linda Hackney, Sign: Scape

Make a pre-wedding announcement: Add a post on social media or to your friends/family group chat a couple of days before the Wedding to remind guests that you would like a technology free Wedding day. People then have the chance to ask you if they aren’t sure what they can/can’t do.

Have a photobooth/polaroid camera station: Guests will want to take pictures/selfies together etc. If you have decided on a completely unplugged day, with no use of phones, have a photobooth for guests to have photos in. You could even have a polaroid camera on a station with props etc for guests to take selfies etc. The photos will also print instantly to then go into a book.

Ask the person who is marrying you to make an announcement: If you decide to have an unplugged ceremony, as well as a sign upon entry, ask the person marrying you to make an announcement to all guests to put their phones and cameras away during the ceremony. Ask your Wedding planner to oversee this and make sure guests are keeping to the rules!

Deciding on how unplugged you would like to go can be difficult, you want your guests to enjoy themselves but not have to adhere to a list of rules. Just remember that this is your day and you want it to be enjoyed by all to the maximum, including yourselves so guests must respect your wishes. If you are looking for any further advice on how you can handle these kinds of situations at your Wedding, book in a free 1-1 consultation for a chat with us here.