8 Top Foodie Tips For Your Spring Wedding Catering!

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Don’t you just love waking up with the sun shining, going for a walk in the evening while it’s still light outside and seeing the daffodils swaying in the wind? We have even just had the first ducklings on the canal this weekend! Spring is such a beautiful time of year, and if you agree with us and this sounds just like you, then why not think about opting for a Spring Wedding?

Last week, we spoke all about colour inspiration, and what additions you could add to your Spring wedding theme, today we are talking all about our favourite subject – food! It’s almost like the Wedding day is based all around the food – food post ceremony, wedding breakfast, evening food, wedding cake, plus all the extras such as food based favours, buffets, sweet carts, cheese tables….wooow the list is endless!

So, food and Spring…how can you bring the two together to make sure you have the best food offering possible for your guests, while bringing a touch of a Spring theme? In true Complete Rose Events style, we have 8 top tips to help you, with help from the lovely Sophie from Portfolio Events!

Don’t go too heavy!

Think about the three courses which you are choosing, if you have soup for instance and a beef main, we wouldn’t advise to then have a heavy dessert such as a hot cake with custard or something rich in chocolate. We would generally advise to have a maximum of two heavier dishes, but if you are choosing a heavy main, we would suggest a lighter starter and dessert.

Sophie from portfolio has the perfect example for you: "Parsnip veloute, blade of beef and sticky toffee pudding would be a menu perfectly suited to a winter wedding but wouldn't work for a Spring wedding."

Fish and Chicken – fish or chicken are a great choice for a lighter dish, but be careful which dish you choose, if you are thinking a heavy starter and dessert so are choosing chicken or fish for a light main, think about the sauce you are having, as a thick creamy sauce can make a very filling dish!

Sophie also suggests a refreshing starter, such as the melon rose or anti-pasti sharing platters, both would work really well in spring.

A Portfolio Events dish: http://www.portfolioevents.com

Sharing platters are on trend right now!

Sharing platters loo great, and more interactive and make your tables more sociable! You can change most courses so they are on a sharing platter; meats and cheeses for starter, selection of sliced meats with bowls of seasonal salads for main or large bowls of risotto or paella, fruit platters, assiette of desserts to finish. Don’t forget to leave space on the tables for sharing platters – you will need to think about smaller centre pieces, and have a smaller group of people on each table. The cost is generally higher with your catering company as they need to provide a larger serving for those guests who have a bigger appetite! You don’t want to run out!

A Portfolio Events dish: http://www.portfolioevents.com

"Think about the shape of your tables, if you're going for long tables then long sharing boards down the centre would be really effective - this can then link into table centrepieces and flower choices." Sophie

Choose seasonal meat and vegetables

To match this seasons theme, opt for meat and vegetables which are in season. Lamb is a very popular dish in Spring, along with asparagus and leafy green vegetables. Think green vegetables! In season and look great on the plate! Game, including rabbit are also perfect Spring choices if this is to your taste.

Lamb Rump Belly, Fondant Potato, Vine Tomato, Blackcurrant Jus - A Portfolio Events dish: http://www.portfolioevents.com

Ham hock and pea terrine paired with artisan breads and thick farmers chutney can bring a fresh feel to your starter and look very colourful too!

A Portfolio Events dish: http://www.portfolioevents.com

Choose a seasonal vegetarian/vegan dish

For your vegetarian course, again, utilise the vegetables currently in season. You could swap the meat part of the course for a filo parcel. There are some really amazing vegetarian and vegan options now! Speak with one of your vegan/vegetarian guests or your catering manager if you are not sure what to choose if you are meat eaters, or request to have a vegetarian dish at your menu tasting – you may be pleasantly surprised!

Feta, Spinach and Pine Nut Filo Parcels, Tomato Concasse - A Portfolio Events dish: http://www.portfolioevents.com

Break away from the three course meal

Think Spring picnic – instead of a three course meal, why not have a ploughmans lunch or an afternoon tea. This is perfect if you are thinking of a smaller party for the day, you could even pack it into picnic baskets on the tables to really bring the theme to life!

Another top tip from Sophie is to have tapas style with lots of little bowls on the tables.

Bring Spring related flavours and theme

Think lemon, lavender, rose water, strawberry, raspberry. Make sure plate look great by adding edible flowers and keep this course light. Fruity flavours such as a lemon posset or Eton mess look great, and are really refreshing after already eating two courses.

A Portfolio Events dish: http://www.portfolioevents.com

When it comes to your Wedding cake, you could even add an Easter theme!

Swap your evening buffet hog roast for a grazing table!

Grazing tables are so on trend right now, look great and guests LOVE them! They can tuck in to their hearts content. There are specific suppliers out there who will come to your venue and set up your graze table to look absolutely amazing – its basically food art! Most grazing table businesses will also offer theming, ie Easter!

The amazing Michelle from Graze Life creates grazing tables for Weddings, how beautiful does this look?! Especially with the bright Spring fruit colours:

Graze Life: https://www.grazelife.co.uk

Don’t forget, it’s not just about the wedding breakfast and evening buffet

There are so many other additions you can go for. What about a sorbet course to cleanse the palette between the starter and main? So refreshing and you can opt for a sorbet with a Spring fruit flavour.

In true Easter theme style – a hot cross bun table available for your evening guests! There are so many options of flavours on the market nowadays. This will bring something different that your guests probably haven’t seen before and is perfect for a March/April wedding. If you are having an open fire, this could even be a perfect tasting opportunity!

Finish your meal with tea and coffee and a fruit flavoured macaroon for each guest.

"Think of your canapes - mini burgers, mini fish and chips, mozzarella, tomato and basil skewers as a nod to a traditional caprese salad." Sophie

Hint of Vanilla

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