8 top tips to relax the night before your Wedding

It’s the day before your wedding, and naturally you will feel nervous and excited for various reasons. You’ve planned your day to perfection but haven’t actually thought about the night prior, how you will relax, how you will be able to sleep from feeling nervous or excited. It is so common that couple’s day they didn’t get a wink of sleep the night before the wedding, but we need to change this, so you can feel your best on your big day! Follow these 8 tips below to make sure you have the best nights sleep that you can!

1. Decide where you are staying, if you are staying at your venue, make sure you have pre-planned who will be staying with you and if you have enough sleeping space for everyone. You don’t want to be getting a bad night’s sleep because you’ve ended up having to share a bed with your best friend and your niece for instance! I know it is really tempting to plan to have guests in the room for a pre-wedding celebration, or a pamper party with your Bridesmaids, but having lots of people around you can fluster you and make you feel like you’ve missed something. Of course, plan something, but check they have their own rooms to vacate too and pre-plan who will be staying with you in yours.

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2. Meet with wedding planner and venue manager for a pre-event meeting during the day prior to the day. Once you have had this meeting, let go of any planning thoughts, leave it to them and remember they are just on the end of the phone if you have forgotten something and they can take this on for you. We include this is our full wedding planning services, details here. Utilise your bridal party or parents to help with any day prior tasks which need completing – this is what they are here for, to support you and minimise stress!

3. Although it is really tempting to have an alcoholic drink the night before, alcohol can actually stop you from sleeping and will also make you feel more restless. You may have noticed from previous nights alcohol consumption that yes, it can make you fall asleep quickly, but you will always wake up feeling tired still. This is because alcohol stresses the body – it is almost poison to your body, which will leave you feeling tired and groggy, even if you only have a few and don’t have a hangover! Leave it until the wedding day celebrations!

4. Shut off from social media and technology, give your guests your wedding planners contact details or one of your bridal party so they aren’t contacting you with any issues. Agree a time with your partner that you won’t be speaking to each other after (if you decide this is what you want to do!) say goodnight and switch off – be present with the people who are staying with you the night before, whatever you have planned to do, and make the most out of it! These memories are all included as part of your wedding day, you don’t want to remember them being stressed!

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5. Eat a good, nutritious meal. It is common that couples feel nervous the night before their big day, for various reasons, but make sure that you then don’t then eat a meal the night before. Feeling hungry or bloated from just deciding to order takeout can result in a bad night’s sleep and feeling rubbish the next morning – you know how it is when you wake up the next day after having a massive Chinese takeout binge! This doesn’t mean you can’t have a few snacks in the evening with a film on the TV and your friends, just don’t overdo it and make sure your dinner is nutritious to balance it out.

6. Pamper evenings are always a great idea, why not hire an external company for a massage the night before your wedding?! Think pyjamas, friends and, mocktails and pampering! Even better if you are staying in a hotel with a spa where you can chill out in the jacuzzi the evening before your Wedding! Even adding in a swim will do you good and make you feel sleepy. Just make sure you have professional advice before using at home face mask kits as this could affect your skin for the next morning! Speak to your make up artist or beauty therapist first, they may have some great options for you.

7. If you decide to have a pre wedding event, a rehearsal dinner or celebrations with your family, don’t finish too late, set an end time, even if your guests want to carry on, don’t feel bad to leave. Make them aware of the end time and that you will be going to your room or back home at this time. If you do decide on a rehearsal dinner, keep it intimate so as not to add further stress to your post wedding day. There will be plenty of time to celebrate all together on the actual day!

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8. Don’t set your wake-up time too early. You will need to discuss with your make-up artist/hair stylist etc what time they will need to start. If it’s a question of having to hire an assistant for them, or an extra MUA, to save you waking up at the crack of dawn as they have to work on all of your bridal party too, then do it. The extra cost will be worth not having to set your alarm extremely early, as the thought of this will keep you awake, worrying that you may miss it. You don’t want to be exhausted the night of your wedding celebrations because you had to be awake super early!

As we have mentioned in one of our earlier points, the day prior to your wedding is all part of the wedding fun and your memories, so you don’t want to be looking back on it as a stressful day for you. Use these tips to relax and enjoy every part of your Wedding. Utilise the people around you, make sure they know what is happening and can take over if anything is required to be done. Still concerned that you will feel anxious and won't sleep properly the night before your Wedding? Book a free 1-1 consultation with us here