Add a touch of Autumn to your day...

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

It's October, there's beautiful red, orange and yellow crispy leaves covering the floor, a chill in the air, dark mornings and evenings and even (annoyingly!) ice on the car first thing in the morning...!

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year to get married; so many couples flock to venues each year to book a summer wedding, but there are so many benefits of having an 'out of season' wedding.

As well as the cost generally being lower due to autumn being classed as a not so popular time for your big day, it's such a great time of year to theme your wedding too. As well as lovely colours such as burnt oranges, golds, deep reds and purples, you can also add additions such as pumpkins, dried leaves, hot chocolate and mulled wine.


The perfect autumn colours. Opt for deep red with gold and bronze features, a 'pumpkin' orange or deep green with bronze tones, or deep purple with hints of stone and copper or rose gold. The deeper the colour, the better and swap any silvers for a gold tone to add a warm, wintry look and swap white with a shade of stone.

Autumn Colours Inspiration


Bring a touch of nature to your day using pumpkins, dried leaves, flowers, logs and fruits. Adding low lighting with candles and fairy lights will bring a warm, wintery feel to your venue. Taper candles are perfect in a deep colour to add sophistication to your decor.

We absolutely love the mixture of the deep green and gold in this cake. Adding foliage which is in season during Autumn is a simple and effective way of bringing an Autumn theme to your cake.

Bring a bonfire theme to your day by adding sparklers for all of your guests! They are great fun and also make awesome images by your photographer! Just make sure you also have sand buckets at the ready...

And we had to leave the best till last....a smores station! Perfect with an outdoor fire pit. You can imagine now, your guests all sitting around the fire, cuddled up in blankets with marshmallows over the fire...perfect end to your day!

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