How to add an Easter theme to your Wedding day!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

I love #Easter! What a wonderful time of year! The days are longer, when you finish work it's still light outside, daffodils are everywhere, plus there is chocolate and hot cross buns all over the supermarkets! (downfall if you're on a 'I need to get into my wedding dress' diet)

What I also love about this time of year are the beautiful pastel colours and how there are so many little ways of adding Easter/Spring touches to your #wedding day if you too are a lover of this season.

Easter generally being in March/April means the temperature in the UK may be slightly cooler, but we do get the odd miracle and have a very warm day! I would suggest adding nice umbrellas and a cute fur shrug to your shopping list.

There are so many colours you can choose from to help theme your day, for an Easter wedding, I would opt for a pastel colour, such as mint green, sage, lemon, lilac, pale blue or pink. All of these colours will be available and easy to get hold of for your Bridesmaids dresses, your flowers, cravats, button holes etc.

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For your favours, you can add Easter themed treats such as:

~ Small organza bags filled with mini eggs

~ A creme egg with the name of each guest attached (doubles up as a name card!)

~ Lindt bunny (you can also find supermarket own brand versions for cheaper!)

~ Easter themed cookies

~ Pastel coloured macaroons

~ An Easter chick at each place setting

~ You could even keep to tradition of the sugared almonds but place them in a small wicker style nest!

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You could even add:

~ Easter themed name tags

~ Afternoon tea option - cakes and finger sandwiches for a Spring picnic feel

~ A hot cross bun station - don't you just LOVE this idea! Especially now you can get so many different flavours! You could even ask your venue or caterers if they are able to make them fresh for you. This is also something I have never seen done at a Wedding so will be a great touch that guests will not be expecting.

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What about:

~ An Easter Egg hunt for the children

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With Mother's Day generally close to Easter, you could tie in the Wedding presents with a keepsake Mother's Day gift, such as adding this beautiful quote with a bouquet of flowers. Any Mother would be touched to receive such a thoughtful gift.

Grab a hot cross bun and a cup of tea and let's get planning!