Do I need someone to manage my Wedding day?

There are so many elements to think about when planning a wedding, that some couples actually don’t think about having someone there to manage the day; you may have decided to plan the Wedding yourself but there is a big difference between planning and managing a Wedding; where as you may have had the time to put into the planning, you won’t be around to then manage. We have five frequently asked questions below which explain why you would need someone to manage your wedding and what an event manager or on the day manager/co-ordinator can do for you!

Why would I need to hire an On The Day Manager as my venue has a manager/planner/co-ordinator?

You may also be thinking, well, I don’t need to hire an extra person to manage my Wedding, I have a venue manager/wedding co-ordinator. There is a big difference between a freelance on the day manager, to the manager/planner/co-ordinator who works for your venue. The difference being, that the freelancer works for YOU and is completely unbiased to the venue or any problems occurring due to the venue, whereas the venue alternative works for the venue.

I have been a venue co-ordinator/planner/manager for many years, they are amazing, and work damn hard to ensure every wedding is a success, but there are many stipulations in place by the company which stop you offering the full service a freelancer can, for example:

· Not being able to sign for deliveries (one of the couple would need to be present),

· Not being able to attend a 2nd venue (a church for example)

· Having to still attend meetings, show prospective couples the venue and respond to enquiries and telephone calls, as this is one of your full working days.

Your focus cannot purely be on your one Wedding as there are so many aspects which the job entails. Our job is to work with the venue manager/co-ordinator/planner to make sure every aspect is 100% perfect, not work against each other.

When else would I require an On The Day Manager?

You may find your venue doesn’t have a Wedding team, or you may have hired a dry hire venue. A dry hire venue is where the space is hired to you but everything else needs to be hired/completed by yourselves. This could be a barn style venue, a space within a venue or a completely blank canvas such as a field or the land you live on.

When you hire a dry hire venue, you put so much time into finding the perfect suppliers and planning the logistics, that on the actual day, you just want to be able to sit back a relax. An event manager will make sure they take all of the details you have planned, dissect them to make sure every aspect is covered (this takes the stress off of you that you’ve had a second, experienced eye look over your plans) and take over the communication with your suppliers, so from the point that you do not want to be disturbed (this could be from the night prior, the week prior or the month prior!) you can enjoy your time without any stresses or disturbances.

What will an On The Day Manager or Event Manager do on the day?

There are so many aspects that we offer to our on the day package, which you can find here, but to give you a brief overview, we want you to be able to sit back on your day, and enjoy every second, so you’re not looking back remembering how stressed you were – a Wedding shouldn’t be about stress, it should be about love, making new memories, celebrating and having fun! When we say ‘enjoy your day’, we mean from the second you wake up, and even before then! From the day before your Wedding when your bridal party are starting to arrive at your venue or house, for whatever plans you have decided on for the night before your Wedding. You can find more advice on the night before your wedding here.

Your guests will also want to be able to ask any questions they have, ‘where can I heat up my babies’ bottle’, ‘are there any ingredients in the food which I cannot have due to allergies’, or ‘can I get a taxi home’ being frequent questions. Who else will be there to answer these questions and then action what they need? Your guests want to feel looked after, so they can also enjoy their day too, and that is what we are here for.

Timings are vital for a Wedding day, they are set for a reason and need to be kept to some degree, but you don’t want to be worrying about what the time is, what is happening next, how to get your guests moving to the next room, or sat down, then directing them to where they need to go.

A support for you – have you spilt something down your suit or dress or do you need help getting in the toilet (large dresses!) maybe you feel your hair loosening slightly and need an extra spritz of hairspray? We spend a large portion of the day helping guests and our couple with things they need or questions they have, it’s our favourite part of the job!

Is it ok to leave my family to manage my Wedding day?

In our opinion, this is a big no-no! Your family love you and will support you with whatever you want so will probably say yes to helping you on the day, but do you really want to see Mum picking up stray glasses from the lawn or helping Aunt Sylvia order a taxi or speaking to the caterers to find out if the lamb dish contains nuts for Cousin Dave? You want your family/friends/bridal party to enjoy every moment, just as much as you. Don’t leave this burden on them.

With an on the day manager, you will also have someone there with experience and knowledge in the industry if (and, inevitably, things do happen!) anything does go wrong. It’s our job to deal with the matter or problem, fix it quickly and efficiently, and make sure you don’t notice!

At what point will an On The Day Manager get involved?

Many couples say to me ‘but I am a control freak and I don’t want someone taking over!’ and that is absolutely fine. An event manager will either have a meeting with you around 2-3 weeks prior so they have all of the information about the day and the suppliers who will be there, basically everything you have planned, then are present on the day to manage the Wedding.

They can also get involved 4-6 weeks prior, if you want more assistance or someone to take over fully in those final weeks, which can be the most daunting and stressful – the option is yours!

The aim for any Wedding is for you to both enjoy yourselves and have the most amazing memories from your day and from your planning experience - I will never give up on saying this! Our job is to be present, in the background, making sure your vision and plans come to life. If you are still unsure if this is for you or what an on the day manager will bring to your Wedding, book a consultation here and we can chat further – we don’t bite! We promise!