How ‘hire a wedding planner’ will be the best ‘to do’ you’ve ever written in your diary

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

No longer will #weddingplanningstress be posted on your Instagram. Our job is to make sure that there is no need to join a ‘wedding planning’ Facebook group where you feel the need to write comments to 20,000 other followers about how you cannot find the perfect dress and how your Bridesmaid is quite frankly causing you sleepless nights because of her latest hair style. Enter your Wedding planner, come therapist.

As well as being there for you throughout your planning process to advise you on venues, dresses, flowers etc, we can also save you money in the long run. You will benefit from our relationships with local suppliers who we know won’t mess you around, over charge you, or turn up on the day with the dodgiest looking cake which you are then stuck with. Imagine those cake cutting photos...not something you want your guests snapping and uploading to their Snapchat if it resembles something your mum could have made! Working in venues, I have heard some real horror stories, from photographers taking deposits and never hearing from them again, to a dress which arrived at the same time the ceremony was due to start as her car broke down, although there was no correspondence from the owner and her phone must have had endless missed calls! Needless to say, this business closed down 4 weeks later.

It’s not easy working full time, having a family, to then add planning a wedding to the mix. I’ve read about and spoken to couples forgetting small things which still cause stress, such as buying a present for the Grooms Mum but forgetting the Brides (eeek!) to completely forgetting to give their notice of marriage - this means no wedding! Hiring a wedding planner will help you will feel much more organised, equating to less stress (woo!) and we will check the smallest of details, such as the perfume you want to wear on the day. Smell is one of the five senses of a human body, you want your new husband to think ‘wow, she smells amazing’ and you definitely don’t want to smell the same as your Bridesmaids - had you thought about that? I bet you didn’t!

My ideal wedding morning - chatting with my Bridesmaids and Maid of Honour about funny memories of me as a child and the funny experiences we have had growing up together, whilst sipping Bucks Fizz, filling up on a full English, and being pampered to the MAX! Sound amazing? It’s all possible when your wedding planner is running around at the venue, making sure no holes have been covered up on your table cloths (we will come back to this later...) that your table decorations are set to perfection, signing off any arriving orders (ie. cake, sweet cart - mmmm) and that any external suppliers know where they are setting up - also making sure they do turn up! It’s a stressful job and it’s not a pretty one, so why on earth would you or one of your Bridesmaids want to take on this role? You most certainly wouldn’t want this huge responsibility to be left to the Groom...would you?


I’ve worked in many venues over the years and I’ve seen some sights. So back to the table cloths...every wedding I work, the first thing I do is check the table cloths. Why? Because the truth is, in the rush of setting up yet another function, it is easy to cover up a slight mark or hole with a fork or a glass or one of your delightful decorations. That is, until your guests moves such object - not a great impression on the venue you have chosen. You can tell why I wasn’t always popular with the team who set the tables... There may not always be a company policy that the table cloths must be ironed and using an external laundry means they may become creased. It may seem like such a small detail, but it really does make a difference to the finish of the room.

Place cards used to be one of the most frustrating parts of my day when working in venues. The bride would give me a stack of them with a diagram on a piece of paper of where they should all go, forgetting that writing ‘Nan’ on the diagram and ‘Val’ on the place card, I wouldn’t actually know what ‘Nan’ was called! This is just another example of something you may not think of. With a wedding planner there to help, we would have already checked these finer details ourselves or we may have even sourced the place cards for you, to avoid you being interrupted during your foot massage to check if ‘Kath’s Boyfriend’ correlates with the tag named ‘Dave’.

The venue co-ordinator has a massive job - majority of the time, they are targeted on how many weddings they are booking. Weekends are a prime time for weddings but also for potential couples to view the venue, so many co-ordinators will be spending time on sales more than decorating the tables, some may not even work on the day of the wedding - this is what the banqueting team will generally do who you most likely will not have met before and who will be relying on communication from the in-house co-ordinator on whether you would like scatter crystals on the tables or not. The toast master is there to chat to the guests, direct them and just generally be a presence in the room, they are not there to help co-ordinate the day. This is where a wedding planner fits in perfectly to bring every final detail together. I also don’t think a venue co-ordinator would appreciate a late night call asking how you should tell you cousin she can’t bring her four kids to the wedding breakfast. Being a venue co-ordinator was one of my favourite jobs and it gave me a great insight into planning a wedding from the venue side but, truth is, I would have still recommended to hire a wedding planner.

Charges vary depending on how much of our help you would like, but we are there to help you stick to your budget and save money so in the long run, even with paying a wedding planner, you will generally spend less than you would have done without one. So...if ‘hire a wedding planner’ wasn’t on your to do list before, is it now?

Hannah Rose

Complete Rose Events