How Do I Start Wedding Planning Now I Am Engaged?!

Updated: Mar 8

I've seen this question asked a lot lately regarding wedding planning as it is engagement season!

Congratulations if you are newly engaged, we can imagine how excited you are and how you probably just want to get cracking with your wedding planning. Well we are here to help! Many of you can jump straight in, searching on Google, Pinterest and asking for others advice in Facebook groups but this can quickly make you feel overwhelmed, after the 10th photographer has left their link for you. So here are our 8 tips to get started. If you are feeling overwhelmed, hop on over to our blog: 7 Ways To Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed When You Start Wedding Planning

Hiring a Wedding Planner

1. If you have decided on using a Wedding planner, now is the best time to find one, always use the one who you have the best relationship with, that is such an important factor! In the long run, a planner can actually save you money, getting you the best suppliers within your budget so you aren't overspending and can save you a lot of time and stress! The planning process can be stressful (this year has definitely taught us this!) and having a professional by your side helps to ease these worries of juggling a full time job, family etc and planning your big day.

Wedding Day Visualisation

2. Sit down with your partner, close your eyes and visualise your day, what are you wearing? What is the setting like? Who is there? Big? Small? Informal? Formal? Imagine you are there, this will help decide what it is you actually want. Have a full discussion together, this will give you clarity before you start searching as there is sooo much inspiration out there, it may make you feel overwhelmed, for instance, no point looking at 3 course meals when you can visualise having street food or looking at barn venues when you are visualising yourself in a city centre hotel style venue. Put a moodboard together to show the theme and style for your day so you can focus on that and that style only.

Wedding Planning Budget

3. Budget, no point looking at anything until you know how much you want to spend!

Wedding Bridal Party

4. Bridal party, who do you want to be involved? Who will support you? Who will be there when you are looking at venues etc to help guide you when you are stuck on a decision?

Be Wedding Organised!

5. Get organised, set up a wedding email so all correspondence is in one place, get a diary/planner/to do pad or set up an excel sheet on google drive, set up a group chat on WhatsApp, - whatever works best for you!

Wedding Inspiration Searching

6. Decide how you are going to search for venues/suppliers, a specific directory? Magazines? Weddings fayres? Pinterest? Google search? Venue finder? Using too many can make you feel overwhelmed. Find your favourite and stick to it.

Wedding Date

7. Have a date in mind or an idea of year at least

Wedding Venues

8. Start putting the feelers out to venues which match your theme and style you have decided on together to check for pricing and availability.

We hope this helps you! If the thought of planning your wedding alone scares you or you think there is no way you will have time for this, please get in touch with us here.