Love Pampas? Latest Stunning Trend for your Luxury Wedding

Updated: Nov 27, 2020 of the most popular requests we have had when working with couples for their 2021 Wedding. Whether you are looking for a boho style, whimsical vibes or if you still want a luxury, classic Wedding feel, pampas can be included! Popular back in the 1970s, pampas has come back with a boom to the Wedding scene and we love it! We have 8 different ways for you today to incorporate pampas into your styling, subtle or OTT, we love it all!

What we also love about pampas is that as it is dried, there is no concern there for wilting flowers during the summer!

Table Structures

Another trend for 2021 is table structures, whether hanging over the table or on the table in some form, couples are going all out with large, wow factor styling, and pampas works perfectly for these!

Image 1: Jana Williams Photography, Image 2: Noiva Ansiosa, Image 3: Chris and Ruth Photography

Small Statement Table Decor

You don't need to go completely all out, have a small dried piece on each table to add a touch of boho!

Image: Vallari Decor


Add pampas into your décor with a backdrop behind your ceremony standing place, your top table or even just ready for photos of you as a couple. This will work really well for your photographer whilst bringing the theme to your photos.

Image: Anna Roussos


If you love pampas but don't want any within the venue, why not just add pampas to your bouquet?! Inside the venue, you could use fresh flowers and plenty of foliage and even some dried elements, then just use the pampas within your bouquet. Equally, you can use pampas in both décor and bouquet!

Renee Nicole Photography

Room Décor

There are various ways you can add pampas to room décor, such as backdrops but also hanging from chandeliers and candelabras, staircases and use of floral arrangements for your down the ceremony aisle, on flower stands and at the bottom of table plans etc.

Image 1: Everence Photography, Image 2: Samantha Clarke Photography, Image 3: Emma Jane Photography

With Other Trends

Another popular 2021 trend - trees! They add such a whimsical, outdoors, forest, fairytale theme to your venue. Why not mix it up and have both?

Image: Jessica Claire

Subtle Looks

You don't need to go all out pampas! You can just focus on the dried elements such as palm leaves and plenty of foliage, then add in the odd piece of pampas, whether you decide on heavy floral arrangements or not!

Image 1: Cassi Claire, Image 2: Jordan Voth

Table Scapes

Add a touch of pampas to your tables and place settings. Incorporate pampas into the theme using hessian napkins and light, neutral colours.

Image: Everafter Magazine

Still not sure on your styling or décor inspiration? Maybe you cannot find a colour palette which works for you? We offer one off planning sessions via Zoom, £50 for two hours so we can create a mood board and discuss ideas of what styling would work for you and your partner within your budget. Come away with a plan of action, a mood board and an idea or what and where to find, hire or purchase what you need to make it a reality! Book your session by getting in contact here!