Quarantine Blues?! Not for these couples...#quarantineproposal

Majority of the nation, no, the WORLD (!), are currently google searching how to become an at home teacher overnight, recipes to become the next Mary Berry or how they can turn their lounge into a Joe Wicks studio as their local gym has closed.

It also turns out that there are also the few out there who are googling: 'how to propose to my partner at home' or 'engagement rings' in the shopping section....yes....#lockdownproposal is a real thing and has become extremely popular!

This week, we are coming to you with probably the blog I have been most excited to write, which includes REAL LIFE lockdown proposal stories! We are so, so happy that these couples have decided to turn their lockdown time into a positive and have truly realised from this experience that they are in quarantine with the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with (get the tissues, this is going to get emotional...I am already seriously welling up!) It is also couple appreciation month, so we want to give these couples the appreciation they deserve!

First up...we have the lovely Candice and Michael from Boston

Michael proposed to Candice at their home in Boston on March 31st. He actually asked a very special person in Candice's life before asking (all whilst on lockdown! That's some good planning Michael!)

"After work we came home and sat down for dinner and he told me he had called my grandfather to ask for my hand in marriage! I said oh wow! That’s beautiful what did my papa say?? And him and my papa talked..."

Once he had papa's approval, it was all go from there...

"Michael came around the table and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I said yes! He pulled out a black box and I couldn’t believe it!"

Hannah: "Were you shocked?"

Candice: "We talked about marriage, we knew we wanted to get married. I still couldn't believe it!"

So, we were on lockdown...but as you can see in the photo, Candice has a stunning shiny new ring on her hand...Michael truly pulled out all the stops on this one...

"COVID is happening right now and many are in lockdown including here in Boston! All stores are closed, only essential is open. Michael shared with me that he called the jeweler and met with him a in a parking lot to get the ring!!!"


Hannah: "Have you set a date yet?!"

Candice: "We have not set a date yet! We are unsure with COVID when we can view venues but we are thinking in a year or two. No date yet!"

"Special moments!!! We will never forget!!!"

And Candice, Michael, we will never forget your story. Truly beautiful...

Next up...Amy and David from Orange County

So Amy was already full aware that a ring was on the way after 8 months of being together, but David was still keen to make a surprise out of his proposal, even during lockdown!

"One day during the quarantine I heard a delivery man knock at the door and drop something off. After asking David (my fiancé) about the knock, he said the person had the wrong door. But I clearly heard David say, “thank you” to the guy, so I started to get a little curious."

Amy was still curious about the mystery door-knocker, but David wasn't letting on!

"After exasperating him about the ring whereabouts, he had to lie and promise he didn’t have it. He even showed me the email from the ring company stating it was delayed due to COVID."

So what happened next, and what was David's plan?!

"That same week he told me we were going to his family’s early Easter luncheon. He said it was tradition and we would social distance with each other. That morning comes along and I was rushing trying to find something nice to wear since he said we had to dress up. So, I’m double annoyed since I haven’t had to wear anything other than loungewear for the last month.

We've all been there when all we want to do is chill in our lounge clothes but we are being rushed out the door!

"I’m still annoyed at him on the drive there complaining while he so sweetly just takes it and tries to calm me down. We get to the house and I am suddenly so enamored by all the cute décor inside the home. David keeps pulling my arm toward the back door, which doesn’t help my annoyance in the moment."

"We finally make it to the backyard and I see the GORGEOUS tea party picnic and almost started to cry it was so lovely! It was my ultimate dream made into a reality. He starts to pour out his heart, of which I heard nothing because my eyes were so captivated by all the aesthetics."

"I finally snapped out of my daydream when I heard him say, “I have a question for you.” He got down on one knee and at that time I shouted, “Do you have the ring?!” He took out the box and I shouted with joy! I was shocked I didn’t take the ring and put it on my own finger! Thankfully I waited for him to ask me the question and I of course said YES! It was the most magical proposal ever!"

Such an amazing proposal and we love that David managed to pull off such a great surprise for Amy!

Hannah: "When is the big day?!"

Amy: "We are having our dream Christmas wedding December 19, 2020!"

Perfect, a beautiful Christmas Wedding...definitely one of our favourites and we cannot wait to see the photos! Congratulations to you both!

Lisa and Scott were together for five years before Scott surprised Lisa with a lockdown proposal!

"We knew we would get married one day after being together for over 5 years but he still surprised me, I didn't see it coming!" "He proposed to me in our new first home!!"

What an amazing memory of their first home together...so how did it happen?

"He had cooked me dinner and surprised me after we were done eating!"

So the current situation didn't affect Scott's proposal being oh so romantic...

"He wanted to do it another way at the cottage but with everything going on in the world and being stuck at home during the covid 19 he wanted to bring some joy and good news for not only the two of us but our family and friends during this hard time."

What an amazing idea, bringing positivity into the world. Well it has definitely bought good news and joy to us! A proposal will mean so much more to everybody at the moment when people are looking for uplifting and positive stories.

D'Jon proposed to his fiance Chelsea on a perfect morning hike in Peña Adobe Regional Park to see the sunrise - how incredible!

"A of couple days before, he asked if I wanted to go for a morning hike, I love hikes, so of course I said yes! We got up at 5:30am, he made us coffee to bring with us, and we headed out at 6am. He created a playlist of all the love songs we’d listened to at the beginning of our relationship to now, for us to listen to as we hike."

Wow that is dedication to the sunrise proposal...5:30am, and a personalised playlist!

"We hiked about 40 minutes to get to the top to see the sunrise. My fiancé had his phone on a stand, and he kept moving it around to different places - I thought he was just trying to get a good angle for a photo of us with the sunrise."

D'Jon was definitely in full prep mode!

"It’s windy at the top, so I’m just sitting there watching and waiting for the sunrise drinking my coffee to stay warm. The wind eventually knocks over the phone, breaking the base of the stand. So he puts the stand in his backpack so it can stand up, and he starts talking about our relationship."

That's when you know it's getting serious!

"I’m still not thinking anything, we’ve always occasionally talked about our relationship and how far we’ve come. We start walking back to the backpack as he’s talking, which I found a little odd since it was away from the sunrise. Once we got to his backpack, he concluded our conversation with, “...with that being said, will you marry me?” He pulled out his grandmother’s ring and got down on one knee."

Hannah: "Were you shocked?!"

Chelsea: "I was completely shocked, didn’t have any idea he was going to be proposing. I remember telling him “yes!” about three times."

No dates for the wedding yet, but they are looking at a Spring outdoors wedding....better pop on over to our Spring inspiration blogs!

"He wasn’t able to get any video or photo of the proposal, we were out of the camera frame. And right now I’m wearing the ring around my neck, it needs to be resized but due to the quarantine no jewellery stores are open."

There may be no photos or videos of the proposal, but we can imagine it was absolutely spectacular, looking out at that sunset...and in a way, it's nice that they both have their own image of this in their memories forever!

Last, but by no means least...the lovely Ashley and Scott

This couple have such a positive spirit and have been remaining upbeat during this time:

"How do I even start? One day, when my fiance, Scott, and I have kids, we will tell them that mommy and daddy got engaged in a time where no one in the world really knew what was going on...we weren't allowed to leave our homes, we weren't allowed to see our friends, but we knew we loved each other and we wanted to spend our lives together!"

How amazing that this situation can bring two people together, closer than ever before...

So how did they meet?

"After meeting in a coffee shop about 2 years ago, both of us instantly knew we had met "the one"."

Hannah: "How did he propose?!"

 Ashley: "On April 4, 2020 Scott asked me to have a date night in.  He bought flowers (and donuts), and said we should dress up since we couldn't actually go out."

Love the thinking Scott...keep the date nights going! "After the table was set and the dinner was ordered, he suggested we take a photograph of our at-home date night.  Scott HATES taking photos, so I thought it was a bit odd, but I'm a sucker for a good shot, so I set up my tripod and grabbed my camera.  Now here comes Scott's cheekiness...he subtly said that I should put the camera in video mode so I could just grab a screen shot.  Hmmmm...."

As we posed, he asked me to check the footage, so I walked off camera, and when I turned back around he was on one knee.  He asked me to marry him in the most ironic time, but perfect place; our home.  

Hannah: "Did you know it was coming?!" Ashley: "I had absolutely no idea he was proposing that night.  I mean, who would think their boyfriend would pop the question in quarantine?  I guess that means he must really love me, because we were actually stuck together...the man took this lockdown very seriously!"

This really makes us emotional!

Hannah: "Were you expecting a proposal?"

Ashley: "To say that a quarantine proposal was unexpected is an understatement.  Originally, Scott had planned an extravagant proposal on the beach and had both of our families flying out from all over the country!  So beautiful, but things got in the way, and his plan changed.  Nonetheless, our families and friends were thrilled when we told them the news."

"In the darkest of times, sometimes a light shines; I think our love and engagement was that light for our families."

Literally couldn't agree with you more Ashley...this statement makes us very emotional! So beautiful and true! "We haven't set a date yet, but we know where want to say our I-Dos...sunny and beautiful Santa Barbara"


I just want to say to all of these absolutely awesome, amazing couples that I have seriously enjoyed the opportunity of writing this blog. I genuinely was so touched and emotional by the stories these guys all gave to me. Thank you so much for allowing me to use your personal stories, they have seriously bought hope and joy into my life as I am so passionate about the Wedding industry and I feel like you have all lifted the rock off of our hope for 2020 Wedding joy!

I am super excited to say that we are being UNIDATED with lockdown proposal stories, so keep an eye out as we will be coming to you with more...