Stressed about Wedding Planning? We can help

Wedding planning can feel like an absolute minefield, so many things to think about, decisions to make, and where does time go?! One minute you feel like you have plenty of time to plan, and the next, the wedding is upon you, leading to sleepless nights, stress and badgering your partner to actually talk Wedding planning.

It is difficult for me to give advice on each individual couple’s Wedding planning, as we are all different and all at different stages! What we can do is offer our 1-1 Wedding planning sessions, which are available via video calling (so we can help you whether you are in the world!) and you can book here. We are available evenings and weekends too, to help around family life and work commitments.

So what does a 1-1 give you? How is it going to help overcome these feelings of being in quick sand?

We have five points below of what you will get out of a session:

Ideas and inspiration

Sometimes couples have none, and sometimes couples have EVERYTHING. Before we start our session, I will ask to either see your Pinterest boards or to create one with what you like. These sometimes come back with completely different styles and ideas, a whole mix of themes which we then tailor down to one concept.

We can focus your session purely on styling and design, you will then go away with a styling concept, a colour palette, a moodboard to take with you to your florist, cake maker, stationer etc, and what to look for and what to avoid.

With our knowledge of the industry and our experience planning hundreds of Weddings, we can quickly work out which style will suit you and your venue. There is so much inspiration out there that it can be difficult to choose and you can also easily overdo it with too many ideas, colours and concepts that you end up over budget and with cluttered tables.

Questions answered

Those nagging questions at the back of your mind? The ones you have been turning to google for but the answers just don’t make sense? We can answer those for you and your partner. It could even be that you have had a disagreement on a certain element of the Wedding which we can help you to come to a compromise on.

Structure and organization

Our Wedding plan has been designed and used by us during our Wedding planning for years. We live by this plan, it ensures that you leave no stone unturned, nothing missed. No sudden middle of the night panic that you haven’t bought the Mother of the Groom a gift.

We will work though this plan as much as we can during the session, and then you will take this away, with a crib sheet, to help to continue completing it.

We will get all of your suppliers information that you have booked so far into the plan, and this will show you what you have booked so far, and what you need to book.

We will also discuss the timings and logistics of your day to make this clearer to you, so you feel organized after the session.

Confidence and less stress

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With the elements that we will be discussing, you will feel more confident in your planning, and with any concerns you have had. It may be that there is an issue within the family that we have discussed and you are now confident on how to tackle it. It may be that you have been stressed about finding your perfect photographer and we have discussed how to do this.

Many brides also decide to book a session to discuss how they will look and their confidence issues, such as being in front of large amounts of people and what ideas we have to tackle this.

Piece of mind

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This is so important, and not having it will be leading you to the sleepless nights, leading you to stress, leading you to being short tempered, reaching for the biscuits when you are on a Wedding diet and snapping at your partner about not helping.

Wedding planning should be an enjoyable experience but can lead quickly into a stressful one when you feel like there is so much on top of you. At the end of our session, you will have the piece of mind that you are on the right track, your planning is organized, you have a to do list with what to do next and somebody (us!) to reach out to again when you hit a stumbling point.

Your Wedding planning should be an exciting time for you, so don’t let the stress and questions take over. Your Wedding isn’t just about the day, it’s about the whole journey, through planning, the lead up to the day, the prep and after the day. We want to bring the excitement back to your planning!