The experts tips and tricks of a #valentines day wedding

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Valentines day.....for some, the most romantic day of the year, for others, not so much. My question is, why would you not love Valentines day? It's 2019, you don't need to have a partner, have you not heard of #galentinesday? I hadn't until one of my lovely friends told me all about it! Yes, maybe it is all just a marketing ploy, but it's also just super nice to spread some love and cheer and bring some #positivity. I mean, who doesn't love a bit of cup half full and all that!

As a wedding planner, I love love. Yes, that's right, I love love! I am a sucker for a rom com and love trying to play cupid. With Valentines approaching us, I thought it would be a great idea to put together some reasons why you should add a sprinkle of #valentinesday to your wedding!

Should I get married on Valentines Day?

How many of you are getting married during the month of love? February is becoming an ever so popular month to get married; and why is that? I can explain all to all of you couples out there trying to pick a wedding date:

  • If you would like to get married on actual Valentines day and it lands on a weekday, this is great news! Venue's can be up to 50% cheaper on a week day

  • If you have a big family and you go for 1. then only people who you really really like will make the effort to book the day off of work during the week

  • The weather in February is much cooler than having a wedding in summer months, nobody loves to sweat in their wedding dress or suit!

  • You can have the roast beef dinner that is included in your wedding package without having to worry that nobody will eat it because it's too hot outside! Everybody loves a roast potato on a cold day!


  • It's the UK...unless you're getting married in Mauritius (and even then!) you cannot guarantee the weather. At least if you get married in February, you can expect it to be cold! Yes - it may rain, but it may also rain in August. Plan ahead and purchase wedding appropriate umbrellas, you can get some amazing shots.

How beautiful is this #weddingphotograph from Laurel Creative! I think I would add umbrellas to my big day even without the rain after seeing this!

  • Your wedding anniversary would always be on Valentines Day which means you can celebrate both occasions together!

  • It's an easy theme to work with! Red is suited to winter weddings, and with February being a winter month, what a perfect colour theme to have. From your bouquet, to bridesmaids dresses, to the ribbons on your invitations, a splash of red will add a Valentine's theme and a touch of class. Follow our instagram @completeroseevents throughout the week of Valentine's Day for some great inspiration!

Hannah Rose

Complete Rose Events