Don't let Coronavirus stop you! 5 Ideas How to Celebrate your ‘Would have been Wedding day’!

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Coronavirus or Covid-19….probably my least favourite subject right now, and probably many of yours! It’s consuming our Facebook feeds, our Whatsapp groups, we are now at or laptops working wherever possible, the cat and dog are confused…why are you home (?!) and unfortunately, so many of you have had to deal with the postponement or even worse, cancellation, of your Wedding. We cannot even begin to understand how each and every one of you are feeling, so we want to help as much as we can!

Click here to download our free advice sheet on how to celebrate your 'would have been' Wedding day which are regularly updated in line with government guidelines!

We have already written a blog and filmed a video with 15 top tips when postponing or cancelling your Wedding, but we wanted to focus on one of our favourites:

Celebrate your ‘would have been Wedding day’ from the confinement of your home…

So we have 5 top tips for you to make sure that your day is positive, filled with rainbows and glitter and not consumed by constantly thinking…”I would have been putting my dress on now…we would have just said I do…I would have been doing my speech now….” Etc etc

Tip 1:

You are still allowed one outing a day for exercise – make the most of it! Take a walk on one of your favourite routes, or, if you don’t generally go out for walks, then use a walking app such as . and find a good route together!

Couples yoga is all the rage right now, there are plenty of videos available on Youtube and it can actually be a real laugh if you don’t want to take yourselves too seriously! Could also give you a great party trick to show off together at the Wedding!

If Yoga is a bit too calming for you, why not try kick boxing, boxercise, karate or a run outside together – there are so many videos out there right now! Take advantage!

Tip 2:

How often do we go on holiday, take lots of photos, and never look at them again?! Or even from parties, other people’s weddings etc. Link your phone or icloud to your TV and have a look back through all of your memories together! Cheers!

Tip 3:

Cook your partners favourite dinner for them, you could even make food related to the place you officially became engaged in. ie. Engaged in Italy…Italian food! Engaged in Greece…Greek food! You get the idea…or you could make dinner together.

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake: La Belle Cake Company

Why not bake together?! Shelly from La Bella Cake Company is even offering free live sessions on Facebook for people who want to bake along with her!

You could even make a sponge cake of the flavour you had chosen for your Wedding day? Test your baking skills and compete against your hired cake maker! You may surprise yourself, or be really gratefully for your cake maker…make sure you tag them in the photos! I bet it would make great social media for them!

Tip 4:

Pyjama/sleepover – think popcorn, your favourite films, curtains drawn, wine and lots of cuddles! You could even watch the film that you first watched together at the cinema. They do say that marriage is one endless sleepover!

There are also a lot of businesses out there offering free videos and entertainment, such as comedians, pubs offering quizzes, even musicals! Take a look and put together an entertainment schedule.

Tip 5:

Have your own at home Wedding day….get up, put your finery on, eat cake, video stream all your family and friends in one big chat and make your own vows to say to each other, eat your favourite meal together, drink lots of wine and dance around to your favourite tracks!

Still one of our favourite episodes...!

Need further help and advice on postponing your Wedding? Book a complimentary 1-1 with us so we can help you! You can book online here.

Once lockdown is over, we will be bringing top tips for people who have had their Wedding affected later in the year (basically, you may be able to celebrate with other people!)

Stay safe and make sure you keep those Wedding planning dreams in your mind!