Want to get married in 2020? 5 elopement wedding venues which may be the answer!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

When will I be able to have a big celebration again? Will I need to postpone my Wedding again? All very difficult questions to answer right now, meaning that many of you are deciding to elope, just so you are legally married, then thinking about the celebrations later down the line.

We have put together a guide of 5 venues who have elopement packages ready for you to say 'I do!'

Your guide is now available for you here! Let's get you married!

Within the guide, we have talked about the style of the venue, the location, given the web address and also the costs for you to elope.

So...what is an elopement? An elopement is described as a marriage being conducted in a sudden and secretive fashion, just the two of you, for the purpose of being married.

In 2020, an elopement doesn't have to be this way, it is entirely up to you if you tell your friends and family that you are off to get married, or you could keep it on the low and plan a big unveiling! Either way, if the government allows registrars to work and weddings for a small party, this idea may work for you - you could even live stream so your friends and family can watch!

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