What's Popular in 2021? 8 Wedding Trends For You!

Updated: Mar 1

2021 - the year we were all hoping and wishing for, to put 2020 behind us, and bam, another lockdown! The positives are, we can use this time to plan ahead, because you know what, Weddings WILL happen again. We emailed our subscribers this week to tell them all our thoughts, and we are remaining positive! We can almost see the end of the tunnel, we just need to work together to get through it, so keep on planning! Now you are looking for inspiration for your Wedding, let's talk about what is going to be popular, what our couples are looking for, what people are talking about in the Wedding industry....

Dried florals

Put aside your fresh flowers, dried flowers, including pampas which we have talked about here, the use of dried flowers and foliage has increased. It looks beautiful and natural, plus it means you can keep your bouquet forever! No bouquet toss for you then!

Flowers: Wildflower Portland, Photographer: Deus Amor Co


Move away silver, gold is so on trend right now, and we don't necessarily mean as the main colour, we are talking secondary colour, cutlery, charger plates, stationary, candle holders etc. Don't forget about this extra small elements such as cutlery, couples sometimes forget that these all can become a part of your styling, it's not just about the centre pieces! Choosing gold décor and then forgetting the cutlery will clash, it's the little details!

Venue: Deene Park, Decor: Nerissa Eve, Photography: Emily Little

Intimate Weddings and Elopements

We think that everyone will expect this one! With the uncertainty of everything happening right now, couples who are fed up of postponing and just want to be wed will still opt for this new trend. Couples may also decide for one of these after seeing many people say how beautiful and emotional an intimate Wedding can be, it also means less budget to spend per head and more on stunning décor, big dresses, wine and cheese boards!

Longer Celebrations

We are already seeing a rise in couples who want to make the most out of their time with loved ones and celebrate for longer, to make the most out of being able to! Evening prior rehearsal dinners (or just an excuse for a nice dinner together!) full day Weddings with extra informal celebrations the following day, a BBQ or brunch for example. Let's Party!

Samantha Kay Photography

Grey and Yellow - Pantone Colours of the Year

So Pantone have made the below THE colours of 2021, we don't necessarily feel that both colours will take off but couples are loving the grey right now, especially deep, charcoal grey and dove grey with slightly warmer tones, such as the palette we have shown below.

Having A Wedding Planner

Now as Wedding Planner's, this is a pretty bold statement to make, but we do feel that more couples are realising how essential an expert is during the process. After the last year of postponements and worries, having a professional alongside to take those worries off of you and offer impartial advice, plus take on the task of actually having to deal with the date movements and suppliers, couples are realising how much work it really can be. Juggling your own life, plus planning a Wedding isn't easy, and if anything, 2020 has taught us that if you can hire help or get help so you can spend more time with loved ones and on self care, then do it.

Emma DB Photography

Big Party Only

We have started see couples who just want a ceremony, whether it's that day or a different day, and then straight into party mode, avoiding sit down meals, speeches and all the formal parts of a Wedding day. This gives couples more of a chance to mingle with their guests, and people are preferring this since lockdown, a chance to actually interact with people and hopefully hug!

Abu Bakar Sanfraz Photo

Non-White Wedding Dress

We are seeing more Bride's now requesting something different for their Wedding dress and not white or ivory! Designers such as Suzanne Neville are bringing colour into their gowns and we can see this being a new trend! Even just a hint of colour, such as a floral pattern on the underskirt which slightly shows through the top netting, or you can do all out with a blue dress! It's all about being more personable, being more YOU, which is what we are all about!

Suzanne Neville

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