What should the timings of my Wedding day be?

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

As a Wedding planner, one of the biggest pieces of advice I am often asked is about timings: “what should the timings of my day be”, “how should the day flow” or “what time should I get married”. We want to explain the best flow of a Wedding day for you, to be able to make the most of the morning, to have enough time to not rush your delicious three course meal and still have enough time to party in the evening with those extra guests.

One top tip: remember for your Wedding day, make sure all timings are passed to and managed by someone on the day, whether it's your venue manager, Wedding planner or co-ordinator. You can do this by completing our on the day plan which you can purchase here. You do not want to be looking at your watch on your Wedding day, you most likely won’t even be wearing your watch and won’t want to carry your phone around with you!

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