Which Wedding suit do I wear?! Featuring Aristocracy London

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

I recently had a Bride contact me to say that she was super nervous as her Groom was due to go suit shopping, but she wasn't going to be a part of this planning, she had to let go of the control, let the Groom handle this task....she didn't like this prospect. What if it didn't match her colour scheme? What if the suits chosen were awful? What if they didn't fit correctly? I quickly reminded her that suit shops work with males all the time to find their perfect suit and will make sure this doesn't happen! Just like the amazing Aristocracy London, a luxury menswear brand, founded by Laz.

We recently spoke with the lovely Cristina from Aristocracy London to find out all about what they offer and would like to today share with you suit inspiration, as well as our top tips before going to your suit appointment to avoid the above!

Aristocracy London:

Looking good should be a pleasure, and not an obligation, but suits simply lacked personality.

Aristocracy London

Laz, the founder of Aristocracy London, noticed that Groom's were wearing suits to important celebrations such as their Wedding day that they would similarly wear day to day for their office hob. He worked with designers, manufacturers and tailors to create a luxury suit brand, which today are worn at a variety of occasions by people who want something different to the ordinary, something different to the everyday, something luxurious...


If the description above fits you and you are looking for something different for your Wedding day, then this could be the brand for you. You will most likely be looking for your perfect suit once your venue has already been booked and your style and colour palette already chosen, so this will already give you a good indication of what you are looking for, but maybe you just hasn't found 'the one' quite yet...

Angel 3 Piece Nehru Suit:

This suit comes in either Blue or Red and also features a cravat pin and chain - something different and eye catching, plus this adds a touch of luxury to your look.

Bank Navy and Kensington Grey 3 Piece Suit:

Looking for a more classic style? Navy or Grey? Not wanting to go too 'out there'?! These are the perfect suit for your day, simple but classy.

Mayfair 3 Piece Blue Tuxedo

If you have decided to have a black tie Wedding or something contemporary and chic, this could be the perfect suit for you, complete with bow tie. Many Grooms are opting to drop the cravat or tie for 2021 and opt for a bow tie - very on trend for 2021!

Truro White & Navy 3 Piece Nehru Suit:

Maybe navy, white and black suits aren't for you, they may not tie in with your colour palette or style for the day. Match the Bride's white dress with this stunning white suit.

Windsor Blue or Gold 3 Piece Short Tailcoat Suit:

With luxury lapels, cravat and cravat pin, feel like a lord for the day in this exceptional suit, perfect for a traditional, royal vibe.

You can visit Aristocracy London here to find out more and to schedule an appointment to see this stunning suits in person.

Top tips for Grooms-to-be:

  1. Take a sample of the fabric from the Bridesmaids dresses to your suit appointment, this will give the shop a good indication of the colour scheme.

  2. Maybe you have a mood board or Pinterest board you and/or your partner created which you could also show them on your phone for style.

  3. Are you worried about going it alone? Hire a wedding planner to assist with this task!

  4. Have a conversation with your partner before you go to the appointment about styles and colours you both like. Don't go in blind, but also be confident to try something different!

Think it's a good idea to hire a wedding planner to assist? Get in touch with us here!